Good Karma Brands proudly presents: The Land On Demand

A take on everything Cleveland sports. Totally uncensored. Exclusive. Free of recorded commercials.

The Land On Demand is like nothing you’ve ever heard. For years, fans have been telling me that they’ve missed parts of the show that they wished they had heard. It was gone. Now, you have a place to go to hear everything. Come on. It’s eight bucks a month or 85 dollars a year. That’s less than you spend on coffee.

We’re giving you something you can’t hear anywhere else. Full show podcasts from WKNR. The best-of our extensive audio archive. Additional content, like a live look into the studio. And finally, I’ll be able to realize my lifelong dream of being able to curse on the air about the Browns without any repercussions. The FCC can’t touch me.

So, sign up today. Put in your credit card info. Because when you subscribe to The Land On Demand, it’s good to be alive. Any time. Anywhere.